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Boutique Windsurf
Patrik TRAILER WAVE 2014
Flotteur Windsurf Patrik TRAILER WAVE A shorter name and a refreshed look is the change but th...
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Flotteur Windsurf Patrik TRAILER WAVE

A shorter name and a refreshed look is the change but the shape is still the one we like the most. Simply a board which does everything everywhere. The shape is designed independend from the fin setup and the rider just need to decide which shape fit to his body size and riding level. The fins can be tuned in many ways depending on surfing style and prevailiung conditions. The trailer and twinzer fin setup ride and slide the best from wave size between head to mast high. Bigger waves are conquered saver with the Thruster setup while strong wind flat water sailing makes most sense with a Single fin.

Many people understand that smaller and/or lighter riders tend to have smaller feet and/or a lighter/lower leverage point and therefore they prefer narrower tails and they can also handle shorter boards. Taller and/or heavier riders with bigger feet and/or longer legs have a higher/heavier leverage point and tend to prefer a bit of extra board length and tail width to support their weight and power on the tail.

A similar principle also applies to sailing level. Pro’s who drive their turns over the front foot and steer with the back, tend to opt for shorter shapes so they can carve short radiuses and close the turn over the narrow tail. Novice wave riders focus more on their back foot and need added width in the tail to support the additional force they exert over the tail so they don’t lose too much speed during the turn. A little bit of additional length also helps novices to float around and tackle any white water.

Analysis of the above leads us to the conclusion that there is a need for two board shapes. One that is shorter with a narrower tail and another with a bit of extra length and more width in the tail. Both board shapes can be designed to an optimum performance ratio between early planing, acceleration, speed and turning ability regardless of the fin setup.

With the trailer fin box arrangement of 3x 8″ US boxes, the fin setup can be adapted to suit the conditions and an individual’s riding style. The majority of multi fin boards on the market today have very small fin boxes with minimal room for adjustment and this, combined with the board shape, means that each model has a very narrow band of conditions that it performs well in. Even if you’re armed with plenty of fins, lots of time and knowledge, the boards will still be limited in their range of use and the only solution to cover a greater range of conditions will be to buy more boards.

However, this is not true with our boards. Over the past couple of years, we have proven that there is no other fin box arrangement that allows for as many fin setups and allows for them to be setup and fine tuned as easily and quickly as with our versatile 3 fin box arrangement.