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Boutique Windsurf
Starboard A.I.R. 2019
A.I.R. 2019 •DESCRIPTION The A.I.R is about making a wave/freewave board fast and plane up quic...
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A.I.R. 2019

The A.I.R is about making a wave/freewave board fast and plane up quick, then making it turn on a hyper-compact outline and its forward vee instead of its rocker. Ideal for
smaller to medium sized waves where you need extra versatility from the board.
The boards are 214 to 222cm long, with a short nose and tail and a mast track pulled back to allow the board to react and turn quickly.

83, 93, 103: with such a short tail, the bat-shape tail outline allows us to maximise fin grip, avoid cavitation while keeping the area behind the fins floaty and as short as possible, all
in the goal to maximise reactivity and manoeuvrability. The thruster set up was chosen for its combination of speed and manoeuvrability. The double concave bottom adds grip
in the turns and the spiralling forward vee creates a powersteering effect when you engage the rails into a turn.

79: the 100% Jaeger Stone pro-model, designed by Mark and Jaeger Stone for lightwind wave riding under the A.I.R. concept.

The A.I.R 79 completes the range for 2019. This new one is more pure-wave orientated. Super compact and versatile, the 79 is delivered with a thruster set up but you can also
set it up as a quad thanks to the five finboxes. Using the ultra-lightweight Starbox by Starboard, the board ends up weighing the same as a classic three fin board, and it takes
either Slot Box fins or US fins.

New Technology: Flax Balsa. Natural end-grain balsa covers the bottom of the board, providing the board with its overall stiffness and reduced weight. The full sandwich
deck uses natural uni-directional flax fibres with carbon stripes to reinforce and stiffen the most stressed sections.

A full-perimeter Carbon-Innegra rail band adds extra strength.