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Boutique Windsurf
Starboard ULTRAKODE 2020
ULTRAKODE 2020 The dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team 14 WORLD TITLES, 6 CHAMPION RIDERS, ...
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The dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team
The Magic Waveboard and a test winner: the UltraKode is the ultra-allrounder. Thruster, quad or twin, it’s the dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team. Five lightweight Starboxes weigh the same as three regular fin boxes, so versatility doesn’t come at a price. The choice of Jaeger Stone and Wave World Champion Philip Köster.

The three smallest sizes (65, 72, 76) are designed by Mark and Jaeger Stone. The largest sizes (86, 93) are designed by Albert Pijoan and PWA World Champion Philip Köster. The UltraKode 80 is a merger of the two groups, utilizing the outline and bottom of the bigger boards with the rocker and rails of the smaller models.

Fin set-up
Five fin boxes: set up as quad, thruster, twin or single fin according to conditions of the day and riding style. All models are supplied with Jaeger’s signature Stone Surf G-10 thruster fins by Drake.

The rounded-pin tail shape makes turning easier, giving more confidence and making it easier to commit in the bottom turns and cutbacks. They are more forgiving on the waves and easier to ride.

UltraKodes feature fast rockerlines in the planing surface area for speed and early-planing, combined with concaved bottom shapes to create grip and precise rail to rail transitions.

Bottom Shapes
UltraKode 65-76: double concaves throughout the bottom.
UltraKode 80-93: double concave tail feeds into a mono-concave midsection.

The UltraKodes comes with four lightweight Starboxes and one US box.
The Starbox system allows you to fit Slot Box fins in five seconds each while remembering your last setting to get you on the water faster. It is also compatible with US box fins.

STARBOX = Slot and Us Box
The StarBox fits notched Slot Box fins for fast fit-‘n-go system. It also fits US box fins for the classic system that pivots to reduce fin damage if you hit the reef.

Lightweight (13 grams) plugs seal unused boxes to reduce drag. Insert and secure them like you would with a Slot Box fin. To remove the plugs, loosen the side screw and push down gently on the front of the plug.

Yulex footstraps and thick pads
The Drake footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.
Carefully sourced with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel.
The UltraKodes feature 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern that provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.

Flax Balsa
The UltraKodes are available in our Flax Balsa construction designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint. Natural end-grain balsa covers the bottom of the board, providing the board with its overall stiffness and reduced weight. The full sandwich deck uses natural uni-directional flax fibres with carbon stripes to reinforce and stiffen the most stressed sections. A full-perimeter Carbon-Innegra rail band adds extra strength.

The Carbon Reflex construction is our lightest, most exclusive and limited edition flagship construction using the lightest biaxial carbon. They offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. The Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.